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Band at St. Pius X

     The Music Learning Band Program at St. Pius X teaches the fundamentals of music and band.  A student can join the St. Pius band once he or she reaches the fourth grade, however students of all skill levels are welcome to participate.  St. Pius X has their own Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced Bands.  The students from the area play together on Saturdays and special occasions such as Christmas & Holiday Concerts, Spring Tour, End of the Year Concert & Recording Session, etc.  The Students have the option to choose any band instrument they like ranging from flute to trumpet to drums to saxophone.  As stated earlier, students of any skill level are invited to join the band.  
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Distance Learning 2020

       Music Learning has a library of video lessons to help keep the kids motivated and practicing over the distance learning period.  Mrs. Chiuminatto will guide them through this process.  Mrs. Chiuminatto will be sending out weekly emails with a few links to our videos, so that the students know which videos will benefit them the most.  Think of it like a class playlist so that they can practice as if they were in their everyday class learning from Mrs. Chiuminatto and our Music Learning Staff.  We currently have over 400 videos prepared and are creating new content everyday.  
      The students can enjoy choose their own musical journey.  These classes are available to the students anytime day, afternoon, or night. Anytime works for their new schedule.  We also have ZOOM class calls and instrumental lessons for real time interaction. 
Please use the links below to navigate the Music Learning Band Distance Pages:

Music Learning Band Website 


Beginning Band Worksheets and Quarter Note Manias


Beginning Band Major Scales


Beginning Band Song Lessons


Beginner Band Full Class Lessons


Concert Band Major Scales


Concert Band Song Lessons


Concert Band Full Class Lessons


Music Theory Lessons with Mr. Bishop


Live Zoom Lessons with ANY and ALL MLB Directors

Band Camp

Band Camp Information:
     Band Camp is a great opportunity for young musicians to spend a week practicing and learning new music, participating in specialized master classes on each instrument, and studying basic and advanced music theory and history. Students can even learn a second instrument!  In addition to the musical opportunities at band camp, campers also participate in a wide range of recreational activities from swimming in beautiful Lake Murray, to horseback riding, frisbee-golf, fishing, paddle-boats, lake cruises to Tucker Tower, and more.  At the end of the week, all the bands perform for their parents, friends, and the local community. 
     If you need additional information about the St. Pius Band please email Katrina Chiuminatto at