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As we enter the 2021-22 school year, I know many of you are concerned about your child's safety because of the continuous and changing information about COVID-19, vaccinations, and now the Delta variant. Please know the safety of your child and St. Pius' faculty and staff are the driving forces behind decisions that are made. 

To answer many of your questions, please know:

Regardless of your vaccination status, at this time, all faculty, staff, students, visitors, etc. are required to wear a mask while inside the buildings - there is no exception to this. We will continue to monitor this situation, but until further notice, anyone inside the buildings of St. Pius X School and Parish will be required to wear a mask. With that said, there is no color restriction on masks that students can wear. Gators, bandanas, masks with valves or vents are not allowed. Please make sure the mask fits properly. Again, anyone inside the building, regardless of vaccination status, is required to wear a mask. 

While outdoors, masks will not be required; however, if you have asked your child to wear a mask at all times, please make sure you remind them of this. Students will not be required to wear masks during outside recess or outside PE. 

Lunch is a concern for many of us. At this time, we will continue the same protocols as last year - when the mask is off, you are indoors, there is no talking. We will keep the students spread apart, just like we did last year. We will continue to monitor this. None of us likes a silent lunch. However, right now, the safety of everyone is extremely important. 

For more details on lunch, specific classroom information, etc.... please make sure to read the Re-opening Plan in the Important Links section below.

We will continue to closely monitor the cases of not only COVID-19 but also those due to the Delta variant. We will also keep a close monitor of the guidance from the CDC and our Diocese. This situation changes daily and monitoring is of the utmost importance to make sure we are doing all we can to keep everyone at St. Pius safe. 

Important Information


St. Pius X Catholic School Re-opening Plan
Centers For Disease Control and Prevention - COVID-19