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Spring Packet » RenWeb Directions

RenWeb Directions


(For 2018/2019 School Year)


On our school database, RenWeb, parents can access their child’s daily assignments, homework and grades.  Progress reports are emailed to parents/guardians.  Quarterly Report Cards may be directly accessed on RenWeb. You can also access the school parent/student handbook, school directory and school family directory.  In addition, there is the Principals’ weekly newsletter, the weekly sport’s corner, lunch menu, lunchroom duty, calendar of events and important announcements are available to you.


To access RenWeb:, click on parents, click on RenWeb
Click “Student Information” on the left hand side to access your child/children’s grades, homework, report card, attendance and behavior.
Click “Family Information” on the left hand side to access your Family Billing, and service hours instructions are listed below.
All service hours are to be logged into RenWeb:
  • Click “Family Information” on the left hand side to access your profile. Click on parents name and then click on “Parent Service Hours”
  • Click on “Add service hours” 
    • Enter the date the service was performed
    • Enter the description of the service. Please use the “pull-down” menu that is given to log in your description of the hours you worked. If the description is not found please type a description in the “Note” part or if this service was performed by someone other than the parent or guardian. Please enter the actual name of the person performing the service.
    • Enter the hours for each description, rounding to nearest half hour.
    • Enter your full name as the “Verified By”.
    • Hit the Save button.


No service hours can be completed until you are Save Environment cleared,

             NO hours can be entered until the service is complete.


Please call the school office (972-279-2339) if you have any problems or questions.