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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre K 4 Frequently Asked Questions
What do we need to bring for each day of school?
-lunch (any lunch box is fine)
-backpack large enough to hold a notebook (no wheels)
-extra uniform in a large Ziplock bag (labeled)
-label EVERYTHING- lunch, backpack, blanket
What time does class begin and end?
-The school day is 7:40-3:15 Monday – Friday. We follow school calendar days off and holidays.
Does the school serve breakfast?
-At this time, we do not provide breakfast.
-We will have a snack around 10.
What do we need to bring for lunch?
-Bring what your child likes. All students are encouraged to eat independently; feeding of students is not permitted. Finger foods are great. Bento lunch boxes are easy for the kids and promote independence. (You can also find similar containers at Container Store.) There are several websites that give ideas for lunches. We will not be able to microwave foods, so please send foods that do not need to be heated up.
-They may bring any non-carbonated beverages, such as water or juice.
-We will be eating snack in the classroom
-We will be eating lunch in the lunch room. PreK can buy lunch through Signature Services. 
What is the attendance policy for Pre-k?
-We will take attendance. It is best for your child to be at school each day to establish consistency and a routine. There are no preset days of maximum absences, but please let us know if your child will be absent that day or needs to leave early. Call 972-279-2339 or e-mail
-If your child is sick or has had fever in the last 24 hours, please do not send him/ her to school.
Can I pick my child up early (before the 3:15 dismissal)?
-Yes. Please know that most of our academics and center time will be in the morning from 8-12. We will have lunch at 12 and then rest time.
What will my child learn? What books will be used?
-Religion – Seeds (Preschool) Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation
-Reading – Splash into Pre-k
-Fine Motor Development – Handwriting and activities
-Gross Motor Development – Learning through play and PE
-Whole Child Development – Music, Art, Computer, Spanish
What is the uniform for Pre-k?
-They will wear a red polo with the St. Pius logo which is available at Parker uniform shop. They can wear navy shorts, pants, or skorts (an option for the girls). These can be purchased at Parker or anywhere that sells uniforms (Target, JCPenney, Old Navy, Academy). Shoes can be any athletic shoes.
What can I do to prepare them for school?
-Read to them. You are your child's first teacher. Reading with them not only helps them develop a love for books, it also creates a special bond between you and your child.
-Potty train them. Students must be fully potty trained before entering school (no pull ups).
-Take them to Mass with you. Begin to teach them how to participate and sit quietly.
Do we need to bring a mat for rest time?
-No, we will provide each student with a mat. They can bring a blanket and one "lovey" that they like to sleep with. These will be sent home each day if needed at home or at the end of the week. Toys cannot be brought to school.
How do you handle discipline for this age?
-We will follow the basis of the program Conscious Discipline. A big part of Pre K is learning HOW to go to school, expectations, and interact socially with peers and other adults. They will learn routines and procedures to help them feel secure and know expectations. It's a learning process for them. The great part is discipline can provide wonderful teaching moments.
-If there are any ongoing or concerns, we will notify parents so that we can work together.
What are the volunteer hour requirements for Pre K?
-At this time, we do not have a requirement. You are more than welcome to volunteer for any areas of the school. In the beginning, we will not have parent volunteers so your child can begin to adjust and feel secure in school and classroom. As the year progresses, we can begin to add volunteers for things like guest reader, help with crafts, etc.
We are so excited! In Pre K, we will be building your child's foundation and preparing them for future success at St. Pius. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your child's life.
This is intended to be a guide for the school, parents, and students of St. Pius X Catholic School and subject to change.

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