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Earth, Life, and Physical Science information found in current textbooks, plus items from current science publications list, are tested in this 30-minute, multiple choice contest, which usually consists of 50 test questions.
6th Grade
1st Place:   Akhil Sirigireddy                 POP
2nd Place:  Theresa Wooton                POP  
3rd Place:    Madeline Butler                POP 
4th Place:   Mustafa Salman                Islamic School of Irving
5th Place:   Jamie Clark                       Pantego Christian
6th Place:   Rayyan Sadiq                   Islamic School of Irving
7th Grade
1st Place:  Alex Lizardi                        POP
2nd Place: Faaiz Shaphy                    Islamic School of Irving
3rd Place:  Adrian Araiza                    SPX
4th Place:  Zainab Siddiqui                 Islamic School of Irving
5th Place:  Katrina Lam                      POP
6th Place:  Afra Syed                         Islamic School of Irving
8th Grade
1st Place:   Nayla Martin                     SPX
2nd Place:  Conner Pendola               POP
3rd Place:   Marie Liske                      SPX
4th Place:   Sarah Kerber                   POP
5th Place:  Ameera Alvi                      Islamic School of Irving