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Number Sense

Contestants find high-speed solutions to math problems in this exciting and challenging 10-minute contest in mental mathematics.
4th Grade
1st Place: Areeb Zaki                  Islamic School of Irving
2nd Place Madison Phan            St. Joseph
3rd Place: Nini Raad                   POP 
4th Place:  Baraa Albaabaki        Islamic School of Irving
5th Place:  Graham Preissler      POP
6th Place:  Bennett Tschoepe     POP 
5th Grade
1st Place:     Ahmed S. Adookkattil  Islamic School of Irving
2nd Place:    Aariz Zaki                    Islamic School of Irving
3rd Place:     Adam Momin               Islamic School of Irving
4th Place:    Braeden Baumann       Providence 
5th Place:    Eli Griffin                      Providence 
6th Place:   Molly Fitzmartin            Providence
6th Grade
1st Place:      Abdullah Khan Islamic School of Irving         
2nd Place:     Baker Lipscomb         Providence
3rd Place:     Holden Persefield       Providence   
4th Place:    Margaret Thompson    Providence
5th Place:     Mustafa Salman         Islamic School of Irving
6th Place:     Emily Nguyen             POP 

7th Grade

1st Place:       Kevin Babu              POP
2nd Place:       Faaiz Shaphy         Islamic School of Irving
3rd Place:       Colby Mechem        Providence
4th Place:       Matthew Nguyen     POP
5th Place:       Osman Abdallah    Islamic School of Irving 
6thPlace:       Grace Keller            Providence
8th Grade
1st Place:      Ryan Jimenez        St. Joseph
2nd Place:     Alex Ryan               Providence
3rd Place:      Jake Vo                  POP
4th Place:      Andrew Reutinger  POP 
5th Place:      Mustafa Khan         Islamic School of Irving
6th Place:      Caleb Mitchell         Pantego Christian