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On-Site Drawing

Using a display still life model consisting of from 4 to 7 objects, contestants produce a rendering on regular drawing paper using any drawing media. Contestants have 45 minutes at the contest site to produce their work of art to be judged by qualified artists and displayed in an art show during the remainder of the tournament day.
6th Grade
1st Place:  Yancey Pratt                     POP
2nd Place: Harper Mcfarlane              Providence
3rd Place:  Samantha Schafer            Pantego Christian
4th Place:  Ashley Goldman               Providence
5th Place:   Afaf Maliha                      Islamic School of Irving
6th Place:   Christina Antoon             POP
7th Grade
1st Place:  Katherine Ann Cochran   Providence
2nd Place: Connor Monson               POP
3rd Place:  Amy Sickler                     POP
4th Place:  Isabella O'brien                Providence
5th Place:  Leanne Cross                   St. Joseph
6th Place:  Brianna Ayaviri                 St. Pius
8th Grade
1st Place:   Catie Samson                 Providence
2nd Place:  Tara Farnsworth             St. Paul
3rd Place:  Marie Liske                     St. Pius
4th Place:  Sarah Kerber                   POP
5th Place:  Brooke Harris                  Pantego Christian
6th Place:  Lindsey Lehman             POP