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Poetry Interpretation

Students select, prepare, and read a literary poetry or prose selection, with introduction, within a six-minute time limit. Presentations are evaluated on aspects of performance, such as appropriateness of selection, introduction, control of presentation, and overall effectiveness. 
4th Grade
1st Place:  
2nd Place: 
3rd Place: 
4th Place:  
5th Place:                    
6th Place:  
5th Grade
1st Place:   Madeline Massiatte         POP
2nd Place:  Dane Varga                    St. Joseph
3rd Place:   Jenna Poquiz                 St. Joseph
4th Place:   Kate Walsh                     POP
5th Place:   Sara Timmons                POP
6th Place:   Sarah Hornick                St. Joseph
6th Grade
1st Place:   Amelia Bruty                   POP
2nd Place:  Lauren Satcher              POP
3rd Place:   Christina Antoon            POP
4th Place:   Sophia Bray                   SPX
5th Place:    Austrel Okolo                SPX
6th Place:   Chandler Snodgrass      Pantego Christian
7-8th Grade
1st Place:   Liam Richter                    Pantego Christian
2nd Place:  Nahum Najera                 SPX
3rd Place:   Maddie Bailey                 POP
4th Place:   Will Russell                     Pantego Christian
5th Place:   Rumaysa Khan               Islamic School of Irving
6th Place:   Jasmine Saleem             Islamic School of Irving