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PSIA -- Private School Interscholastic Association

PSIA is an academic competitive program that motivates students to find new excitement in learning, achieve a higher mastery level, and receive recognition/awards for academic excellence.  There are numerous contests offered for grades 1 – 8.  Students who perform at the top level in their district competition have the opportunity to compete at a state level.
This is a parent and teacher directed program volunteering as Academic coaches.  If you would like to volunteer, please check with your child's teacher or our campus director, Ms. Robles (
  More information regarding PSIA can be found at the home site
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St. Pius X PSIA Results – 2018 District Meet


Calculator Applications 6-7-8

Poetry 6th

4th place Deci Olson

4th Sofia Bray

5th Austrel Okolo



Creative Writing 1st grade

Poetry 7th- 8th

2nd Emiy Duke

3rd  Lynna Nguyen

6th  Xavier Vicente

2nd Nahum Najera



Creative Writing 2nd grade

Ready Writing 3rd

1st Kristianne Armada

9th Rhye Pheil

10th Sydney Conner



Dictionary Skills 4 – 5

Ready Writing 4th

4th Peter Hess

7th Oliver Maceda

9th Camilla Vasquez

6th Shannon Inman



Dictionary Skills 6-7-8

Ready Writing 8th

4th Danny Kennedy

4th Deci Olson

7th Gael Murillo

1st Miko Refuerzo



Impromptu Speaking 7-8

Science 7th

3rd Mya Dunn

5th Nahum Najera

3rd Adrian Araiza



Listening Skills 6-7-8

Science 8th

8th Henry Moore

1st Nayla Martin

2nd Marie Liske



Maps, Graphs, & Charts 4th grade

Spelling 2nd

1st Peter Hess

3rd Kristianne Armada

10th Lanvy Nguyen



Maps, Graphs, & Charts 5th grade

Spelling 3rd

1st  Jacob Gutierrez

6th Isabella Krajca



Maps, Graphs, & Charts 6th grade

Spelling 4th

5th Henry Moore

8th Oliver Maceda

9th Peter Hess



Math 2nd / 3rd grade

Spelling 5th

8th Sydney Conner

2nd Kalyn Krajca



Math 4th

Spelling 6th

7th Lexi Obi

9th Shannon Inman

2nd Hayden Gomez

9th Xavier Ramirez



Math 5th

Spelling 7th

5th Levy Mendoza

6th Angie Hess

8th Kristen Armada

9th Ashton Tanjuakio



Modern Oratory 7-8th

Storytelling 3rd

1st Daniel Ring

2nd Danny Kennedy

4th Alan Armenta

5th Rhye Pfeil

6th Fernanda Aragon



Music Memory 3 -4th

Vocabulary 5th

7th Alana Garza

8th Paola Hernandez

7th Kalyn Krajca

8th Chizi Okolo



Music Memory 5th -6th

Voacbulary 7th / 8th

2nd Sofia Bray

4th Nayla Martin

6th Angela Hess

8th Alex Garcia



Music Memory 7th – 8th


1st Kristen Armada

2nd Eniola Egedigwe




Number Sense 4th


7th Lexi Obi




Number Sense 5th


9th Michael Austin

10th Levy Mendoza




On-Site Drawing 7th


6th Brianna Ayavirri




On-Site Drawing 8th


3rd Marie Liske