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SPX School Advisory Council 2017-18


Amy Wheeler

Wes Duke

Anthony Archer

Alfonso Garza

Rachel Russell

Lori Rodriguez

Karla Ring

Frank Puskarich

Wes Duke


Tana Scott - Principal, School representative

Fr. Guzman -- Pastor

Fr. Patrick Olaleye -- Parochial Vicar




The St. Pius X School Advisory Council is an organization made up of school parents / guardians / grandparents who work closely with the pastor and school administration for the betterment of the school. This group helps to form the vision, find solutions to issues, and celebrate the achievements of our school. Each spring applications are accepted to replace members rotating off the council.




The Council was established to perform three primary responsibilities:

  1. Advise Principal and Pastor on policies; programs, service, and strategic planning
  2. Conduct special studies and assignments as requested by the Pastor and Principal
  3. Foster and nurture a quality Catholic education in all aspects of living and present this to the public, civic authorities, and to the Catholic community



There are other responsibilities, but these three are the most critical. All responsibilities are performed in an advisory capacity to the pastor and are carried out in accordance with the policies of the Catholic School, Advisory Board Administration regulations of the Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Dallas.




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