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Parent Teacher Organization » Duties of the PTO Elected Officers - Bylaws

Duties of the PTO Elected Officers - Bylaws

President: The President shall direct P.T.O. and preside at meetings of the organization and executive board; assure P.T.O. is represented at School Advisory Council meetings; shall appoint chairpersons of committees with the approval of the executive board; authorize expenditures with the Treasurer; the President, ex-officio, is a member of all committees; and shall act as an advisor for the incoming board during their term.

Vice-President/President Elect: The First Vice-President shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President; shall organize speakers, and programs including flyers advertising P.T.O. events; shall schedule P.T.O. meetings and locations; shall notify all Board members of meetings and events; shall authorize expenditures in the President's absence with the Treasurer, and shall be incoming President.

Secretary: The Secretary shall be custodian of the records and the membership of the organization; shall keep an accurate record of all meetings, transactions and attendance and shall furnish a copy of the same to the President prior to the next meeting; shall maintain accurate and current copies of the bylaws; shall handle all correspondence from the organization, i.e. to the St. Pius X web site, Pastor and Principal; and shall conduct and read correspondence for the organization as directed by the President. The Secretary shall provide information from P.T.O. to welcome new students, their parents, and new teachers, and shall assist the First Vice-President in producing any flyers advertising P.T.O. functions, and shall handle other organizational responsibilities.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive all monies and record receipts and expenditures that are authorized by the organization under the direction of the President; shall collect dues and account for all funds; shall make a monthly statement of collections and disbursements at each meeting; shall maintain a ledger; shall assist the Secretary in maintaining an accurate list of membership; and shall maintain a current, accurate list of paying members. The Treasurer shall establish an operating budget for the following school year.

Duties of the Faculty Representatives: The faculty representatives shall report back to the rest of the faculty about the activities of P.T.O.; and shall report the needs and questions of the teachers to the P.T.O. Executive Board. If possible this is a year long commitment.

Reports: All officers and chairpersons shall keep a written, detailed, and complete report of each project or activity to be passed on to the new officers and chairpersons by the end of the school year.

Responsibility: Any officers or chairpersons failing to carry out properly the assigned duties, or who is absent three (3) consecutive meetings (regular and executive committee meetings inclusive), can be replaced at the discretion of the Executive Board.
The SPX PTO Rep /Homeroom Parent is a vital portion of our community. 
SPX PTO Rep/Home Room Parents will guide the SPX Class Responsibilities and work with the classroom teachers for the benefit of our students.
We thank you and your family for donating your gifts to our school community. 
An SPX Homeroom parent is the teacher’s right hand man so to speak.  The SPX homeroom parent will…
• …help with and coordinate classroom events such as volunteers for field trips, class projects and
      classroom parties
• …coordinate auction class project for the Annual SPX School Auction and assure timely delivery of
       project to the auction committee
• …provide and decorate the class box for Thanksgiving Mass
• …will provide breakfast casserole for Grandparent’s Day
• …will assist with the annual celebration “Jesus Birthday”
• …provide and decorate the class box for the Christmas Toy Mass, Junior high parents organize the
      Christmas crafts projects
• …organize Class Christmas Party
• …organize End of School Class Party