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We subscribe to the Gale Virtual Reference Library. To access from a St. Pius computer, no password is necessary. Just click on the link to the left.To access from home, you click on the link to the left and use the remote id and password. These can be obtained from the Media Center.
Multnomah County Library The Multnomah County Library Homework Center, an Internet subject directory, consists of Web resources that specifically concentrate on K-12, homework-related subjects. Web resources included on this site are reviewed by reference staff from Multnomah County Library.
SweetSearch Search engine for students that has been evaluated and approved by librarians and teachers.  
SweetSearch4Me Version of SweetSearch specifically for elementary. Search engine of animals and endangered species.  Includes videos, scientific facts, maps, data and photos.
Ask Jeeves Ask Jeeves for Kids has been developed especially for kids. It lets you ask a question in the blank such as "Where can I find the State Flag of Texas?". It will then give you web sites associated with the state flag.
ALA's Great Website for Kids Compilation of exemplary websites geared to children K+.  Websites evaluated by committee of ALA members.
You can use these search tips if you are using an Internet directory, an Internet search engine, or an online information source, like an electronic encyclopedia.
  • Use a + sign in front of words you want to include for sure. +winter +olympics This way you will only get pages back that have both of these words in it.
  • Put exact phrases in quotation marks so the search engine will only look for the words together. "united states" This time you will get pages that contain the phrase united states.
  • Use a - sign when you want to exclude certain terms. bears -nfl
  • This will take out any documents that have to do with the Chicago Bears football team, and give you the ones about animals. Sometimes this trick may leave out some good stuff, though, so try not to use this unless you really have to.
  • Try to think of different terms to use in your search. Instead of "fish tank," try aquarium, or "pet care" +fish.