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St. Pius X Catholic School

Works of Mercy explained for Fifth Grade

talked with the fifth graders about the history of SVDP and its mission in the Church. 

In 1883, Frederick Ozanan decided to found the “Conference of Charity” to assist the poor. A short time later, they decided to change the name to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, after their patron. 

The St. Pius X Chapter was established in 1981. The mission of SVDP is to enhance member’s spirituality by providing opportunities to practice the Spiritual Works of Mercy: mainly feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and praying for the living and the dead.

After listening to Jim and Barbara, the 5th graders practiced their own work of mercy by helping to put away the cans collected at mass.  Right now they SVDP Society is putting together bags of food for the poor to be distributed during the holidays.  After these bags are created their pantry will be empty!!! 

Please remember them in January as they will need more food so they can continue to help the poor.  Everything they distribute to the poor of our community is because of the generous parishioners of St. Pius X and the Bishop Lynch Community. Source: SPX Saint Vincent de Paul Society
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