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St. Pius X Catholic School

Saint Pius X wins the overall and boys JV DPL Track Championships

Boys and Girls 4x100, 4x200, 4x400 Gold medalist.
Boys Jordan Bernau, Jack Steel, Rudy Carreon, Isaac Garza, and Daniel Guiterez.
Girls Grace Rochester, Sarah Cameron, Julianna Roderiguez, Caitlin Messimer, and Crystal Nwabeke.
Grace Rochester wins gold in the Discus and Shot Put and second in overall female MVP of 2014 JV track.
Rudy Carrion wins silver in 800.
Jordan Bernau wins bronze in 400.
Caitlin Messimer wins bronze in discus also finishes 5th in 100 and shot put.
Austin Townsend wins bronze in discus and finishes 4th in high jump.
Julianna Rodriguez and Jack Steele finish 4th in 200.
Sarah Cameron finishes 4th in 400.
Maya Rojas finishes 5th in high jump.
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