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St. Pius X Catholic School

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4th Science

Mrs. Marisa Hunzinger
Mrs. Susan Wright

Course Description

 Students will learn a variety of topics ranging from matter, energy, plants/animals, and planets.  Students will be exposed to a variety of resources available at SPX like Brain Pop, Fusion (our textbook site), Discovery Education, Mystery Science, and STEM-based activities.
One of our favorite projects in 4th grade is Creating Your Own Instrument to finish our Energy: Sound Unit.  Another favorite project is the making of "Litter Bugs" - creating an animal/habitat out of recyclable materials.  Lastly, students always enjoy choosing an environment to show their understanding of the food cycle/food web.  
SPX hosts a school-wide Science Fair.  4th graders have the option to participate, but is strongly encouraged in the hopes of learning about the Scientific Process.