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St. Pius X Catholic School

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Course Description

 4th grade is a HUGE challenge for our students.  Many of our students' successes are based on their ability to recite their multiplication facts up to 12's.  We expect our students to master these facts in order to recite them with no hesitation.  The knowledge of their facts will provide a strong foundation to our math skills of long division, fractions, measurement, and geometry.  
Math is a usually our more intense of subjects as we have so many skills to learn in a short period of time.  Students are expected to stay on task & put in the "extra effort" to keep up with our fast-paced program.  
Students will be able to practice skills via their workbooks, IXL, Brain Pop, as well as other hands-on activities.  Students will become strong "note takers" and learn study skills that will assist them throughout the year.