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Course Description

 ELA consists of English (Grammar/Writing), Reading, and Spelling.  Our goal for 4th grade is to provide a support for our students to have fluent skills in oral and written form, as well as become avid readers.
In English: students will be master sentence structure as well as compose essays that include simple/complex sentences, fluency, rich vocabulary, and figurative language.
In Reading, students will read for fluency, voice, and comprehension.  Our reading will consist of various novel studies.  Students will be exposed to a variety of genres of various levels.  Students are also encouraged to read independently using AR, book reports, and research projects.
In Spelling, we will discover phonic patterns that students will apply to their compositions.  We expect our students to learn these patterns throughout the year, as opposed to "learning the spelling list" and forgetting the words the following week.  We will focus on word study to develop long-term memory.