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St. Pius X Catholic School


2nd and 3rd grade Take Flight Group

Ms. Brandee Nelson
2017-18 School Year
 The Take Flight group meets everyday for 45 minutes working on different areas in reading instructions. It addresses...
  • phonemic awareness identifying the relationship between speech-sound production and spelling-sound patterns
  • phonic skills practicing on single word decoding
  • fluency reading words repeatedly in columns, rows, phrases, and sentences
  • vocabulary and reading comprehension strategies.

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Past Assignments


Instant Words
Monday: Read instant words in columns
Tuesday: Read instant words in rows
Wednesday: Read instant words in phrases
Thursday: Read instant words in sentences
Friday: Free choice (circle one) rows or columns
Saturday: Free choice (circle one) columns or phrases
Sunday: Free choice (circle one) rows or sentences
Reading Log (Daily)
Choose a book of your choice and read it. After reading your book, write down the date and the title.