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     In Kindergarten, we develop readers through phonics (small group and whole group), sight word fluency, and comprehension skills.  Our goal is to encourage a love of reading and enjoyment of books within our students.  We implement writer's workshop in addition to our reading curriculum to develop their writing skills to prepare them for first grade.
     We establish a foundation for Math and Science introducing concepts for Kindergarten.  This includes hands-on experiences, classroom experiments, whole and small group activities, and STEM activities.
     Faith Formation is the core of our St. Pius X education.  We teach the basics of our Catholic Faith, including prayers, rosary, Lent and Advent activities, and attending Mass.
Highlights:  100th day project and celebration, Thanksgiving feast, Christmas program, Polar Express Day, theme snacks, field trips, author studies, and end of the year countdown to 1st grade.

First Grade

      First grade is a pivotal year for students; here at St. Pius we strive to create strong, long lasting academic and moral development in our students. Our students are taught a variety of learning strategies as we understand that every child learns and develops in their own way. We know that with proper guidance and setting a strong foundation early on, students will thrive to excel in academics and life.
      We have a comprehensive reading and language arts program in first grade that targets all skills in order for students to become strong readers and writers: phonics, word work, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, interactive writing, response to literature, and grammar.  We have a variety activities throughout the day that keep students engaged including centers, reading on iPads, Thinking Maps, crafts that correlate with literature, and writer’s workshop.  Since we differentiate our instruction and have a daily routine of whole and small group reading instruction, we are able to meet the needs of all students.
     Our math program sets the groundwork not only for advanced mathematics, but also science.  Incorporating both subjects encourages higher level thinking skills and a deeper understanding of the skills being taught.  We use S.T.E.M. activities and lots of math manipulatives to achieve necessary objectives.
     We pray to pray together, worship together, and strive to “Be Golden.”  We often integrate social studies topics into our Religion objectives.  This helps the students make connections between our Catholic faith and the world around them.
Highlights: Jesse Tree, Polar Express Day, 100th Day of School, Author Signing Party, S.T.E.M. challenges

Second Grade

     Second grade is filled with many exciting things. This is a time for the students to grow closer to God. The highlight of the year is preparing and making First Reconciliation and receiving First Communion. We also have second grade students paired with eighth grade students as prayer partners. This is a special relationship that is carried on throughout the entire school year. The partners complete many spiritual activities together.
     In second grade we work to meet the individual needs and learning styles of the students through acceleration and differentiation. We do this through individual, small group, and whole group instruction. 
     Second grade students learn a variety of comprehension strategies and how to monitor their own comprehension. They get a solid foundation built upon the acquisition of basic math facts. Through writer’s workshop they begin to become authors. In science we use experiments, stimulating their natural curiosity, to confirm their hypothesis. In Social Studies we explore our neighborhood and community, and how we fit into the rest of the world.
     Our goal is to help students to achieve their personal best. Our vision is that our students grow spiritually and academically.
Highlights: First Communion, Prayer Partner Pairing Ceremony, Prayer Partner activities, Field Trips, Solar System project, Polar Express Day