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6th Grade - 8th Grade

6th Grade 

In sixth grade, we focus on helping the students to become independent learners and to be ready to handle the rigor of junior high.  We focus on a growth mindset, encouraging a "can do" attitude and helping students to see that there is a direct correlation between effort and quality of work.  We also emphasize study skills and help the students increase the kinds of tools that they can use to be successful in school.  We believe in cross-curricular instruction and projects are worked on jointly in various core classes. 

Language Arts

During 6th grade Language Arts, students will be involved in a variety of projects that may be throughout the curriculum. Teacher discussions, both planned and spontaneous, will require effective oral communication. Cooperative writing assignments that relate to our studies may be fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  Students are provided opportunities for public speaking, lecturing in Mass, or choral reading to list a few. Also, they will have the chance to participate in the Academic Fair, PSIA, and Tri-Core competitions.


In 6th grade math, we focus on problem-solving, becoming independent learners, and looking at various methods that can be used to solve problems in math.  The students are also taught ways to independently learn concepts.  Some resources the students have are IXL and Brain Pop, not inclusively. Students have the opportunity to be part of a math team and compete in Academic Fair, PSIA, and Tri-Core math competitions. In sixth grade, students are all on level but at the end of the year,, they will have the opportunity to test to be placed in honors classes in 7th/8th grade.  


The spiritual formation of our students in 6th grade is accomplished through daily prayer, weekly attendance at mass, confession, the study of the lives of the saints, reading the Bible, and class discussion. In 6th grade, the curriculum focuses on the Old Testament. Students will begin studying the Old Testament and the covenants that God made with his people. They will also complete the Theology of the Body curriculum that focuses on helping students understand who they are in their relationship with God. Through these lessons, the students will consider their actions and motivations as they come to understand their relationship with Christ. Students will also complete various service projects, such as working with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, making stocking caps for newborns at Parkland, cleaning the church after Palm Sunday, and working at Shoes for Orphan Soles. Religious formation is completed across all subjects. 


The focus in 6th grade is Earth Science. The students are required to do independent studies of various topics and present their findings to the class.  Students will use PowerPoint, Excel, as well as Word to present their findings to the class. Students will also work in groups to conduct lab experiments, complete STEM projects, and solve problems. Each sixth-grade student will independently complete a science experiment of their choosing and present their findings to the class. These experiments are independently judged and the top winners will receive awards. 

Social Studies 

6th-grade students study World History. We delve into Early Civilizations; from Mesopotamia to the Byzantine Empire. You may find the students working in groups for projects and assignments, or independently doing research for information. Skills are emphasized to become independent learners and thinkers.  Students have the opportunity to gather information from several resources; class books, the library, and the internet.

7th & 8th Grade



Seventh grade ELA will cover the genres of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama. Students will develop skills in English and Literature by writing essays, grammar mechanics, vocabulary enrichment, spelling, and annotation. Student lessons will be based on the Catholic Diocese curriculum.

The 8th grade ELA will cover all the genres and objectives necessary to develop students' proficiency for thinking critically, creatively, and analytically. The written language will include the development of different formats of essays and English structures.


7th Grade Mathematics:

This course is designed to lay the groundwork for concepts and skills needed to be successful in high school math courses.  We will focus on rational numbers and their operations, proportional reasoning, geometry and measurement, and probability and statistics.  Pre-Algebra follows seventh-grade mathematics, and Algebra I as a freshman. All Junior High Mathematics courses are in preparation for the first year of High School Math, Algebra I.

7th Grade Pre-Algebra and 8th Grade Pre-Algebra:

This course is designed for students who will be in High School Algebra I the following year (freshman year of high school or 8th-grade year). It is an excellent introductory class to concepts and skills needed to be successful in Algebra I. Students will be introduced to graphing linear functions and solving equations.  In addition, other basic 8th-grade mathematics skills are also emphasized-proportionality, geometry, measurement, and probability.

Algebra 1:

Skills covered in Algebra I include the study of functions, solving of one, two, multiple-step equations, graphing linear functions, graphing and solving quadratic functions, systems of equations, and the study of other non-linear functions. Students will take a comprehensive Algebra I exam as their final exam to determine high school readiness. The final exam given mimics the state exam required for credit in the state of Texas.  


At St. Pius X Catholic School, junior high students participate in daily Scripture studies, build communities among the school and parish, pray, worship, and participate in service projects with the guidance of their pastor, principal, and teachers.

Our goals for SPX graduates are to:

Understand and incorporate Catholic doctrine into their lives

Develop strong moral principles and make faith-based decisions

Become disciples of Christ and witnesses to the faith

Grow in deep personal prayer and spiritual reflection

Serve society through Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

The seventh-grade curriculum includes the religious series Alive in Christ: Jesus and the New Testament. Students analyze the books of the New Testament and make connections between the Old and New Testaments. The seventh-grade curriculum also includes Theology of the Body: Book 1 - Our Bodies Made Male and Female and Book 2 - The Body and the Heart.

The eighth-grade curriculum includes the religious series Alive in Christ: The Church. Students learn about early church history, as well as understanding the parts of the Mass. The eighth-grade curriculum also includes Theology of the Body: Book 1 - Purity and the Good News of the Body and Book 2 - Catholic Faith for EveryBODY. Students also prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the spring.


7th Grade Junior High students study Life Science. This course is designed to introduce students to cycles, patterns, cells, organ systems, the six kingdoms of life, classification, population, communities, ecosystems, genetics, experimentation, life processes, and their environments.

8th Grade Junior High students study Physical Science. Physical Science is the study of the nature and structure of matter and energy. The areas covered will be the organization and use of the periodic table, making science measurements, physical and chemical changes, temperature and heat, work, force, and motion.  

Social Studies

7th grade Texas History is a one-semester course. We will begin by focusing on the basics of the geography of our great state and roll through the many eras that include Spanish Texas, Mexican Texas, and of course, the Texas Revolution.  In the 2nd semester, we will transition to U.S. History and start with the landscape of the current United States.  Included in the last part of the year will be European exploration, 13 colonies, events leading up to the American Revolution, and the Revolution itself.

8th grade U.S. History: This course will cover both semesters. The 8th graders will resume from where they left off from the previous school year. In this case, we will start with the events and the unrest in the United States leading up to the Civil War in the 1840s, the Reconstruction Era, the western frontier, inventions and industry, both World Wars and conclude with our War on Terrorism.