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3rd Grade

3rd grade uses a variety of strategies and learning styles to meet the learning needs of each individual student. Our goal is to motivate them to become independent learners and develop critical thinking skills. Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Spelling, Reading, English, and Writing are taught daily. In Math, we focus on our Core Curriculum with an emphasis on multiplication and division skills. In Reading, we focus on comprehension and learn strategies to analyze texts.  Technology is also used in the classroom to enhance learning, including, IXL, Brain Pop, Mystery Science, Discovery Education, Fusion digital Science lessons, and iPads.

Religion is the foundation of our learning. Our goal is that each student develops a personal relationship with our Lord that will last a lifetime.  Praying takes place in the classroom three times every day. We attend mass weekly and sit with the Kindergarten students to model good behavior. Character development is a focus during religious time because we want to please God in everything we say and do!


4th Grade

In fourth grade, students are expected to work more independently in their thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. Students are taught not only the core subjects but are also taught important life skills like organization, time management, and opportunities to strengthen their work ethic.

In math, knowing their multiplication facts is a must! They are expected to know the facts up to their 12s before entering the classroom. With these basic skills in place, it will make the transition into long-division, fractions, and geometry so much smoother.

Language Arts in fourth grade is a combination of reading, grammar/writing, and spelling. Our reading consists of a variety of novels throughout the school year. While reading our novels, we discuss the skills of the main idea, context clues, inferencing, and comprehension. We also discuss virtues, look at the social injustices of novels, and how we are called as Catholics to be servants to others. 

We also focus on formal types of writing, such as narrative, expository, research, poetry, and persuasive essays.  Through our writing, we learn the parts of speech (grammar) and figurative language presented as “SMAPHIO” – similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification, hyperboles, idioms, and onomatopoeia.  Students use the Writing Process and Writing Traits in all of their writing. We also learn spelling patterns & word study using rich vocabulary.

In Science, we learn about matter, energy, plants/animals, and planets. We add hands-on activities using STEM/STEAM projects as culminating ideas for units learned. In our first half of the year, we focus on the United States geography by studying the regions of the US. Then we finish our year learning all about Texas History.

Religion is the highlight of our curriculum. We aim to incorporate our faith into all subjects. We do quarterly Current Event projects called “Pray the News”. It allows the students to know what is going on in the world, and how we can best pray/serve those in need. We also learn about the Commandments & Beatitudes and find ways we can live the faith in our daily lives. Fourth grade is a big year for the Saints Project. Students research & dress up as their saints for All Saints Day. Then they put their skills to the test by participating in our Living Museum. 

Students will learn in whole groups, small groups, and individual settings, and our focus is sharing our strengths and strengthening our weaknesses. Applying our faith to our daily lives through prayer and action, fourth grade is an important year in helping us develop into the person that God has always intended for us to be.

Saints Living Museum; Famous African-American Project; Novel Projects; Pray the News

5th Grade

Fifth grade is a transition year for students getting ready for Jr. High, making it an extremely important grade level for students to cement the skills they have gained throughout the previous grades and lay a solid foundation for the years ahead.

The Fifth-grade reading curriculum focuses on teaching students to understand and develop ideas about texts they read. Students learn to support their ideas through reading texts together as a class as well as independently. Fifth graders also expand these skills as they write extensively about what they read in each subject.

For social studies, our fifth graders not only focus on United States history, beginning with the colonization of America and continuing through the 20th century, but are also taught how to analyze the reasons behind events, make connections, and compare those events.

In math, fifth-grade students will focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions. They will expand their knowledge of 2-digit divisors and decimal operations and understand the properties of three-dimensional space.

In Science, the students will review information about a good experiment, the solar system, and will learn about the planets. Students will study atomic theory and the states of matter. They will study the law of conservation of energy, electricity, and its properties and uses in our lives. Our fifth-grade students also get to experience using their science skills and instill their religious beliefs with first-hand experience on their 4-day trip to The Pines Catholic Environmental Camp.

The Pines Catholic Camp, Enterprise City, Fifth Grade Religious Retreat