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St. Pius X Catholic School uses a Standards-Based Curriculum that incorporates learning opportunities with activities designed to develop higher-order thinking skills, challenges students to perform to the best of their abilities, and focuses on a growing understanding of their individual responsibilities within a Catholic community.

Fine Arts and Music

Our Tigers learn creativity, problem-solving skills, art techniques, confidence, and collaboration from Pre-K through 8th grade. Beginning in the 4th grade, our students also have the opportunity to join the SPX band and choir.


Physical Education

Our physical education program exists to allow students the opportunity to experience unity, sportsmanship, skill development, physical fitness, and most importantly fun. We want to develop the entire athlete and assist in developing strong and contributing members of our society and our Church. 


Technology and Foreign Language

Students begin a combination of Spanish learning and technology beginning in Pre-K during their computer class. Throughout their time at SPX, we focus on all aspects of the computer, as well as keyboarding and knowledge of PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.  



We focus on learning and growing in our faith. 
This is done through weekly mass, monthly spiritual practices, retreats, community service, the older students sharing their faith with the younger students, participating in the sacraments, and prayer. 

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